Tuesday, 1 March 2011

St Patricks Day Craft Ideas

Hello all you lovelies! I know St Patricks Day is Right around the corner. Yep about 15 days away to be honest. Believe it or not Im not making many St Patricks Day crafts this year the only thing I plan on doing is the Salt Dough Shammrock Necklace with the kids other than that Im going to be a St Patricks Day Scrooge and get on with East crafts. But that doesnt mean there arent some fantastic crafty ideas out there in the world of Blogging. So I thought I would just share some of the awesome St Patricks crafts I have found. Im going to do this the next few Tuesdays leading up to St Patricks Day. So If you make something you are really excited about send me a link to alisha@homemakinghoneys.com and I will feature it here next Tuesday! I hope you enjoy my finds!

This Leprechan Block Head is one of the cutest St Patty Crafts Ive seen this year! Its adorable. Thanks Craft Goodies for the great tutorial. If I make anything it will definitely be this!!

FavCrafts.com Have these really fun looking "Lucky Shoes" I dont dare show my daughter this she will be so upset we arent making them :)

Craftzine has these really cute Rainbow Pots. I thought they would be cutier with gold coins rather than good nuggetts. But that is just my very humble opinion!

These Floating Shamrocks at Lacey Dippold Photography are so cute. They make the perfect window decorations!

This little Pot Of Gold from Charlotte's Fancy is adorable and would make the cutiest Visiting Teaching gift!

Leprechaun Kisses make a lovely gift for the neighbors. Have a look at 2 Clever Blog for these cuties and an even cutier poem to attach!

These two little gems, The Lucky Wooden Blocks (Above) and the Clover Wreath (Below) Both came from A lovely little blog called A Little Tipsy.

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I love all the green ideas! Thanks for sharing!