Thursday, 12 August 2010

32 Weeks Pregnant

So I thought I would put a new post regarding the pregnancy. Especially as I was begging for your prayers last time I updated about it. Well if you can believe it I am not 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The Dr is planning on inducing labor at 34 weeks and a day at the moment which is a week from Monday. I wont lie to you it has been a hard 13 weeks. I have had to go and have blood tests twice a week (Which has to be taken out of my hand or foot because I dont seem to have veins in my arms). I have had to had examinations once a week. At 27 weeks I found out I have gestational diabetes. Which was difficult at first to not have anything sweet and no white bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. But the rewards far outweigh the struggles in this pregnancy. In 10 days I am going to have a beautiful Daughter, whom I think we are going to call Cienna Joyce, to raise along with our other two children. I am over the moon. Between 19 and 23 weeks all I did was cry. I was so scared. But at the same time I gain a better relationship with my Father in Heaven. I felt his arms around me all the time and I still do. I realise more now that ever before that all things are in his hands. He has complete control. I thinking as if he was telling me that as much as I love my children he loves me and all that I want and hope for my children he does for me as well. He is an all loving father. And I cant express enough how grateful I am to him for all that he has blessed me with in my life and especially in this pregnancy and the pregnancy of my 3 yo son (my waters broke with him at 22 wks and he was born at 26 weeks 3 years ago.)

We have decided this will be our last child. We had always wanted to have 4 children but with this happening two times we have decided to be grateful for what we have been given. I do struggle with this decision from time to time. With every movement of our unborn child I am cherishing it knowing that in 10 days I wont be feeling that ever again. I think as women we will always have that desire to have another child. But It is so important to me to have 3 healthy children and for them to have a healthy mother rather than risk anything happening to me or to a baby. And to be honest if something happen to a baby of mine then I would struggle with that for the rest of my life. So as difficult as the decision may be I know it is the right one for us.

Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts, your prayers and your words of encouragement. I have the most amazing friends and family as well who have helped to get me through this time. I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven and for the blessing which I have from him. I just hope that someday I can share my experiences with others and they can be blessed from them. In the meantime I will thank the Lord by being as Christlike as possible and letting the light of the Saviour radiate from me.
Here is a picture of me at 31 weeks pregnant. In the scan done this day the baby was measuring 33 weeks and 5 days. Likely because of the Diabetes. I just look at it as a miracle. Even the Diabetes has helped her to get bigger.