Monday, 28 February 2011

Family Home Evening - Look, Feel and Help (The Good Samaritian)

Opening Song: Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus
Opening Prayer:
Lesson: Mommy

Start by reading Mosiah 18:8. What do you think this means?

When Jesus lived on earth, He healed the sick. He fed the hungry and blessed the children. The Savior was often a friend to those who had no other friends. When He looked at others, He used His spiritual eyes and His heart. In this way He could understand how people felt and what they needed. He helped many, many people. He is the best example of someone who looked with His spiritual eyes, felt and understood with His heart, and then helped.

Our prophet is also a good example of someone who looked with his spiritual eyes, felt and understood with his heart, and then helped. President Gordon B. Hinckley was only twenty years old when his mother died. He had younger brothers and sisters at home, and everyone in the family was very sad. Ramona was sixteen and about to graduate from high school. She had no dress for that special occasion, and she thought nobody noticed. But her older brother Gordon saw her need, understood how she felt, and helped. Using some money he had saved for graduate school, he bought her a new dress. His kindness made her feel loved.

Invite the children to think of people who need Good Samaritans today. Discuss with the children how they can be Good Samaritans. Have the children mark this story in their scriptures, and suggest that they share it with their families.

Explain to the children that You can look at others with your spiritual eyes, feel and understand with your heart, and then, after careful thought, give help. When you look at others, try to imagine how you would feel in their situation. Then prayerfully decide what you can do to help and do it. Small, simple acts of kindness are often the most helpful. There are people who need your help everywhere, every day. Each time you look with your spiritual eyes and feel with your heart, you will become more sensitive to others, and when you are kind to someone and help them, you are showing love to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.


Carefully color the pair of Feeling Glasses, the ear pieces, and the Helping Hands badge, then cut them out.

Attach the ear pieces to the glasses by gluing, taping, or stapling.

You can wear these items to help you remember to look both with your spiritual eyes and with your heart, and to help in some way—or you can hang them on your wall as a reminder

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