Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Washcloth Easter Bunny

I just realised that I have never posted this tutorial on here and I think it is really cute, easy and effective for Easter. It makes great gifts for friends just to say I am thinking of you!!


washcloth - a large baby washcloth is ideal
rubber band


Lay the washcloth on a table. Roll one corner, diagonally, into the middle. Roll the opposite corner in the same way, so that both rolls meet in the middle.

Fold the rolled washcloth in half.

Hold the two sides together and fold the two ends backwards, over the top. Fasten a rubber band around the front area to form the head. Fluff out the two ends to make bunny ears.

That is it really. If you wanted to you could decorate it with eyes and ribbon. But essentially that is all there is to it. If you have more questions let me know and I will do a tutorial with pictures! So easy, effective and cute!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How to Lace Dye Easter Eggs

I found out how to do this last year by reading Martha Stewarts website. It was so easy to do I couldnt believe I had never done it before. Here are the easy to follow steps:

1. Cut lace into strips long enough to wrap around eggs and still have extra to form a sash for holding.

2. Wrap eggs, securing lace with rubber bands. Dye eggs according to dye package instructions. Lift out, cut off rubber bands, and unwrap lace. Let dry on foam board fitted with flathead pins.

It is so easy and they look so effective to. This is really a no fail craft tip. I dont want to say that no one would mess this up. But I am pretty sure that most of us can do there.

The pictures have been taken from the post on Martha Stewarts site and make the instructions even easier to follow!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Easter Wreath

I am always looking for new ideas of things to make during each of the holidays. One way I find things is by going to google images and typing in what I would like to get an idea for. This morning I typed in Easter Wreaths and this is what I found...

Isnt this just adorable? I love this idea for a front door. We are moving house in 4 weeks so I wont really get a chance to make this one this year but next year I am so making it. You could customise it to be any color you want. Here is what I would do if I was making it.

I would buy the wreath, no point in making it when it is probably cheaper to buy it. I would then blow out the eggs and I would dye them whatever colour I want. I might even Lace dye them. If you dont know what lace dye is let me know I can do a blog post on it, it is really pretty. I would them write in permanent marker welcome, a letter on each egg. And then just hot glue them to the wreath. I would probably add a ribbon to it as well just because I like the effect. But there are so many possibilities with this wreath. As they say, the skies the limit!

If you make this wreath let me know I would love to see how yours turns out!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

CTR Towel

in my church at the age of 8, a child is baptised. baptism is a personal covenant between you and God. at that age, their primary (sunday school) class is called the CTR's. CTR means CHOOSE THE RIGHT and this is the emblem that associates with that saying... when i came across a CTR towel and poem on the Made with Love and Glue blog, i had to bookmark it in my favorites in hopes i'd get to make one soon! so when i found out that a friends son had made the important decision to be baptised, i knew i just had to make this for his special day! there's a poem that goes along with the towel that just fits it so well! here are my digiscrap versions of it...

if you're interested in making this, here's the tutorial she offers. it's great! she also has links for the CTR emblem and poem. happy appliquing!