Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pretty Flower Hairclips

This afternoon I was in the store about to buy some really cute hair clips for both my baby and my 7 year old when I decided to stop and look at how they were made. Oh. My. Word. I couldnt believe just how easy these things looked to make. I had to hang them back up on the rack because there was no way I was going to spend any amount of money on something I could make here at home. So I came home and while my husband was out at a meeting I decided to Have a go. They were so easy. I thought I would share them with you.

Right so to start with I just got some scraps of fabric. You can get any colors you want and it doesnt have to be a lot.

I then folded the scraps so that I had 8 layers.

Next I traced around the bottom of a small cup a circle and cut the circle out which left me with 8 small circles.

I then folded the circles in half one at a time.....

And then in half again. I did put a little hot glue on this fold to keep it together like this.

Next I hot glued each triangle to a little piece of felt all in a circle. This took 4 of the little triangles.

I then glued the other four on top of the first four over the seams, so as to cover them up.

I then glued a button to the center of the flower.

Next I flipped the flower over....

And hot glued a long rectangle to the back, ONLY THE EDGES. This way I only need one hair clip and can interchange the flowers on that one clip.

That is it! So easy! So Cute! And so CHEAP!! What do you think? Im going to try it with all different types of fabric. Cant wait!

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Valerie said...

Those are so cute. Looks like something I could do with my daughter and I wouldn't mess up...maybe.