Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Holiday Journal

I thought today would be a great day to give you a good idea about a type of journal since it is St. Patrick's Day.  How many of you will make your kids yummy green meals, dress them up in green clothes, or have a treasure hunt?  Most of our holidays are filled with traditions.  Some of these traditions only work for little kids but some you carry on with throughout your life – and even pass along to your children's children.

One great way to remember these special holidays is to just snap a picture.  That’s it!  It may seem like not a lot of work, but through the years they’ll add up and you’ll be glad you took a few minutes to take that picture.

A few tips:

Make sure you label the pictures – you may think you’ll never forget what year it was, but the more years pass, the more likely you’ll forget.  RENAME the file for the computer or if you print out your pictures and don’t want to scrapbook them – write the year on the back with an ACID FREE pen.

It doesn’t have to be a posed picture – it can just be of the kids eating breakfast or the treasure at the end of the hunt… don’t worry about perfection – just capture the moment.

You can save these on your computer forever and ever or you could always print them up – get a cheap sketch pad and put them in that, or scrapbook if you are feeling adventurous (or have the time).

Remember journaling isn't all about writing essays and pages of your thoughts (although that is part) it is about keeping memories, remembering happiness, and celebrating life – especially holidays! 


Patty Ann said...

I love journaling, I am not great at labeling the pictures though, This year I am going through several large boxes and giving away the photos to the kids!!!

Valerie said...

What a great idea. I'm usually in such a hurry that I'm lucky to get the stuff done, and rarely get pics.