Tuesday, 22 March 2011

April Fools - 2011

Well April Fools is just upon us. I thought I would search around trying to find some great pranks, safe pranks, and list them and their links here so that you can prepare now for what you want to do. So get your thinking caps on and if one of these ideas don't "tickle" your fancy and you come up with your own, please do share so we can all enjoy!

Anyone for Meatloaf Cupcakes? This was posted by one of our Honeys last year. An oldie but still a goodie!

Family Fun have this really cute Alien Birth Certificate. I'm not sure about you but I honestly think from time to time that my children are Aliens!

You cant go wrong with a child and a Whoopee Cushion can you? Pretty sure I spent hours with one of these when I was a child. My poor parents! ;)

I know what you are thinking.... Ewwwww. But I'm pretty sure my children would enjoy making this cow pie out of Salt dough. Thanks to the Crayola website for sharing this pooey idea ;)

I'm considering serving these Faked Potatoes for dinner on the 1st. Thank you Family Fun for sharing a great Tutorial and some great ideas!

I love the idea of a backwards party. Plus these little invitations which have to be read in the mirror are such a clever idea! Thank you TLC Family.

What about this Funky Headwear? Crayola is just full of fun ideas. And I'm not sure of many little ones who wouldn't want to make something like this!

How about this Magic Banana from Enchanted Learning. Definitely a winner. I think I will be trying this one for sure. So simple!

I seriously cant wait to make this Magic Milk. So simple and you dont have to turn your whole container of milk a funny color. Thank you Family Fun for the great idea!

This April Fools Can again from TLC looks easy to make and like hours of fun.

She Knows suggest turning the bath tub into a ball pit. Just imagine how excited your little angels will be when they arrive in the bath room with it all full of balls instead of water.

Another classic is to super glue coins to the sidewalk or somewhere the kids will see it. You can do this with the kids even and then hide and watch people try to pick it up. :)

I do LOVE this Gelled Juice from Family Fun. I think I might just make Jello in cups and serve it with their dinner. Loads of Fun!

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