Friday, 22 January 2010

Valentines Day Wreath

So I am starting to get in the mood for Valentine's Day and have been itching to get some Valentines Day crafts sorted out. So I thought I would end my week by doing this one first. A Valentines Day Wreath! I made the same sort of wreath for Halloween but this one turned out way nicer! It is so simple to make too.

What you will need:

1 yard / meter of Red, Pink and White
1 Wire Hanger
Wooden hearts or whatever else you want to decorate your wreath with

All you have to do is cut the Red Pink and White material into strips about 3 inches long and 1 inche wide. I didnt measure because you dont have to be precise.

Next bend your wire hanger into the shape of a circle. Again no perfection needed because when it is all covered up you wont really be able to tell if it is a perfect circle or not.

Next tie all your material pieces onto your hanger. Keep them really close together and get as many strips as you can tied on. The more the fuller your wreath is and the better it looks! I promise!

Next using a hot glue gun glue on the pieces you have with which to decorate your wreath.

That is it. You are now ready to hang your Valentines Day wreath on your door! Have fun doing this. It is easy, quick and really fun. To get the full effect and to see this wreath best click on the picture!

I have 3 other Valentines Day crafts on the go at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to finish them next week and share them with you! Exciting I know. I can hardley control the excitment!

Monday, 18 January 2010

New Podcast

I know this isnt very Homemaking Honeys like but as the creater of this blog I wanted to share a new podcast which my husband and I have. In this podcast my husband and I along with 2 or 3 guests each week talk about the funniest stories in the news. Last weeks included the floor falling out from underneith a group of weight watchers at their weekly weigh in. It really is so funny!! Please go and check it out at If you like it please join the Facebook group and share the link with your friends! Also I would LOVE to know what you think about it. And if you would like to be a guest with a funny story you might have then please email me! I would love to have any of you be a guest!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Edible Play Dough

So I dont know about where you are but here in the UK the weather has been FREEZING. Literally. They say this is the coldest winter in 30 years. WOW!! The schools have been shut and in fact my daughter only just went back from her Christmas holidays today. In the meantime I have been trying to find things to do with her (6years old) and my little boy (2 years old) After exhausting all the resources and playing outside until we were almost frost bitten I decided lets make some edible play dough. Mine LOVED IT! They loved being able to play with the play dough and eat it at the same time. I have to admit it is pretty Yummy! Plus it is just made from things which most people, myself included, have in the pantry at home! Here is the recipe I use!

1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
2 cups powdered sugar

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, using your hands. Dough should feel soft and pliable. Form shapes and be creative!

We got chocolate chips out, Sprinkles, marshmallows whatever we could find around the house for them to eat as well. It is so much fun!

Storage: When not using, MUST be stored in an airtight container.

I know what you are thinking... It cant be that easy but honest it is! Enjoy! Oh and try not eat too much! :)