Monday, 14 March 2011

Family Home Evening - My Eternal Family

Opening Song: I have a family here on earth

Opening Prayer:

Lesson: Mommy

Gather Lego's or building blocks, label them with some ways your child can help build an eternal family

show love
kind words
family prayer
scripture study
church attendance

Adam and Eve established the first family on this earth. Heavenly Father commanded them to have children and to worship Him. As children were born to Adam and Eve, they taught them the gospel. This is Heavenly Father’s plan for families—He has sent us to earth so that we can learn from our parents and, someday, teach our own children.

Elder Richard G. Scott said, “Through the restored gospel we learn there is an ideal family. It is a family composed of a righteous Melchizedek Priesthood bearer with a righteous wife sealed to him and children born in the covenant or sealed to them” (Ensign, May 2001, 7). When families are sealed in the temple and live worthily, they can be eternal families in the celestial kingdom.

Not all of us have been sealed to our families yet, but we can work toward having an eternal family by doing our best. Elder Scott said, “Do the best you can. We cannot say whether that blessing [temple sealing] will be obtained on this side of the veil [in this life] or beyond it, but the Lord will keep His promises. In His infinite wisdom, He will make possible all you qualify in worthiness to receive” (Ensign, May 2001, 7).

We can do our best to have an eternal family by living worthy of temple blessings and loving, serving, and praying for our families.

Using the building blocks help your children to create a strong foundation and build a building upon it. As you build this, ask your children what would happen if one of these blocks were missing or taken away. (It would fall over.) The same can be said if we don't do everything we can to build our strong eternal family. If we are not constantly trying, we can't reach our full potential as a family.

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