Monday, 14 February 2011

Family Home Evening - Valentines Day

Well tonight is Valentines. I love making a BIG deal out of every holiday. Seriously! I cant help it. Plus the kids love it too. So tonight for FHE we will be doing what we do every Valentines Day. I make a nice dinner and we have a lovely candle light dinner all of us kids and all. I get our best dishes out, we drink Shloer (like apple Cider, non alcoholic) in wine glasses and eat dinner by candle light. The kids LOVE IT! We even get dressed up. It is so much fun.

Here is a page that I digi scrapped (When I was first learning how and it is obvious!) from our very first Candle Light Valentines Dinner.

I hope that whatever you do for Valentines Day today that it is special.

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