Wednesday, 2 February 2011

7 Days of Valentines

This week I was talking to one of my sisters after she posted on Facebook that she was getting her 7 days of Valentines ready for next month. I was so intrigued as to what this was that I had to find out what exactly she was talking about. And now that I know I just have to share it with you all, because this is such an adorable idea. I am using a few of her gift ideas here and a few of my own. I hope that they will come in useful to you!

So you start this the week before Valentines. It is very similar to the 12 days of Christmas but with a love twist instead. I know how fun huh!! On the 1st day you give one thing, the 2nd two things, the 3rd.... you get the idea. So here are some of our fun ideas.

Day 1: Make or buy a BIG Kiss. In a card or on a note write this cute little poem:

Kisses Kisses Kisses,
Oh, what should I do?
All I want is just one Kiss,
From a special person like you.

Day Two:
I thought I would make some heart cookies and put them on lollipop sticks (I will do a tutorial in the next week or so)

Day Three: I am going to get a small picture of each of my 3 children frame them, for his desk at work, and put in a card something like Thank you for three of the best reasons for living.

Day Four: Make a dinner where each course is one of his favorite foods. In his lunch or suit pocket send him a special invitation to a special candle light dinner. My sister suggested serving dinner in your favorite nighty to add a little bit of extra spark. Ahhhh saucy ;)

Day 5: I am going to make a Candy Bar Poster. Enough Said!

Day 6: Im going to give him half a dozen roses. I will deliver them to the reception at his office with a note that says:

Roses are red; daisies are white;
Valentine, you make every day a delight.

Day 7: Its Valentines Day!! DO SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL.

Another Idea I thought of and will probably substitue in or I might make it 14 days of Valentines If I find enough ideas is to make fortune cookies with cute little messages. I found a brilliant tutorial on how to make them on YouTube here.

I would love to hear your ideas. Because if any of you have better ones then mine I might steal those ideas!! Please Share!


CraftyBrit said...

Don't have much to add, but I love all these ideas. I'll be leaving my kids for the first time next week for a few days with my MIL (anniversary trip with the hubs) so maybe I can adapt it for my kids while I'm gone!? Thanks for sharing :)

Em said...

That is a great idea! My husband would die if I sent flowers to his work...LOVE IT!