Sunday, 6 February 2011

Family Home Evening - Loving One Another

Its February, the month of LOVE so I thought I would start our month off by talking about Loving One Another. I am also adding an Article of Faith bit to our lessons as the children are learning them again this year.

Opening Song: As I Have Loved You
Opening Prayer:

Lesson: Mommy

Reciet / Repeat Article of Faith Number 2


Before your lesson cut out a BIG HEART out of paper.

Show the large red heart to your family and ask…

• What do you think of when you see a heart? (love)
• How can you tell someone loves you?
• How do you think other people feel when you show you love them?

Invite someone to read John 13:34-35

Jesus Christ taught us that it is a commandment to love one another, and
that other people will know that we are His disciples if we love one another. There are many ways that we can show our love to others by helping them.

Case Study 1: You and your father are sitting on the corner waiting for the bus to come. You see an older man hurrying to catch the bus. He has a cane to help him walk, but he can’t move very fast. The bus pulls up and the door opens. As you climb up the steps, you can tell he probably won’t reach the bus in time. What could you do to show love for this man?

Case Study 2: On Sunday morning you are walking to church. You see a young mother with her baby in one arm and some books in the other. What could you do to follow the example of the Savior and show love for this woman?

Explain how one of the best places to show love is at home. What are some things we can do to show love to each other at home?


Pass out pipe cleaners and have everyone make a pipe cleaner into a heart. This week challenge them to do something nice for a family member without them knowing and leave the heart when they are done.


Patty Ann said...

Short, sweet and simple. It is exactly the right kind of lesson.

Neal said...

Thanks for sharing. We are having a "Love One Another" Party tonight with our preschool-age children. I am going to use your song choice, intro, and scripture choice before we make Valentine cards for elderly people in our community. We'll be delivering them on Valentine's Day.