Saturday, 16 May 2009


My sister posted on here how to make a tutu the other day and so I thought I would give it a go. How totally easy is it?!?!?! I will give step by step instructions for anyone who would like them.

Items needed:
5yds of Tulle
2 Ft Elastic
Anything you want to decorate

First off I have found that if you use two solid colors of Tulle and alternate them it looks much better than using a multi color Tulle. It is so much more effective. 
  • Cut the elastic to the desired size. Remember it will stretch. 
  • Sew the two sides of elastic together making a circle
  • Cut the Tulle into approx 4" strips. Use the whole length of the Tulle dont cut it in half where the fold is when you buy it. The strips need to be very long!
  • Keeping the Tulle folded in half Length wise tie it onto the elastic with a loop knot. Pulling the knot very tight and each piece of Tulle close together.
For the decoration on mine I bought 4 yds of really pretty and simple white ribbon. I then tied the ribbon on in four areas with loop knots as well. I did think just as an accent. I hope the picture shows exactly what I mean.   

These are so simple to make that next time I will have my daughter help me. I thought for my first time until I know exactly what I was doing I would do it without her. Next time though she will definitely do it with me or even on her own and she is only 5.

My daughter loves hers. She came down stairs this morning with it on. These are so simple and really really cute too! If anyone else has a go at making them we would love to post your pictures. You can email them to me at 

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