Thursday, 28 May 2009

Handmade Bag

I believe this will have to be a two part post. And will explain why in a minute. Ok so here is what I made this morning:

See in my house I cant make something for myself and not make the same thing for my daughter. So I made myself a canvas bag and then made my daughter one out of the fabric which she choose the other day. These bags were so easy to make in total I would say each one took about 45 minutes. The reason this will have to be a two part post is because the flower on the front of the bag is made separate. So tomorrow I will post how to make the flower. Which might I add is lovely and can be used for so many different things.

For the handbag all you will need is:

Canvas type fabric, something really thick (unless you want to use a lining which I couldnt be bothered with)
Sewing machine
Matching thread
Backing Fabric


1) Cut your fabric 48 cm x 38 cm. You will need two pieces this size so I folded my fabric in half before I measured so as to not have to do any sewing on the bottom.

2) Next you will need two strips both 140cm in length or if folded in half 70 cm in Length and about 10 cm wide. Again if it is folded in half it makes it easier when it comes to sewing it.

3) Cut your Backing fabric about 1 inch wide by 38cm in length. you will need two pieces this size.

4) Turning the fabric so the right sides are facing each other, fold the top of over on both sides about 1 1/2 inches over the top of the backing fabric. and pin it down. the backing fabric will make the bag a little more sturdy at the top. Also pin all the sides of your bag together.

5) Now you are ready to sew the bag together. This really is simple. Start with the top of the bag and sew the bit with the backing fabric first. After the top has been done then you can sew the sides together.

6) Fold both straps(140cm) in half with the face towards each other (inside out) you will then need to just run it through the sewing machine on each side (the left and the right). Do this to both as these make the handles for your canvas bag. Do NOT SEW THE TOP CLOSED! You will not need to sew the bottom either as you will have folded it over ONLY SEW THE SIDES!!

7) Once the straps have been sewn together using the top where it is still open turn the handles right side out. This does take a little while to do. But isnt too difficult since we made them 10 cm wide.

8) Sew the handles onto the canvas bag at the top. One handle for the left side of the bag and one handle for the right. DO NOT CROSS OVER AS YOUR BAG WILL NOT LAY PROPERLY!

There you have it your canvas bag is finished. The next thing I did was make Fabric flowers:

and sewed them onto the front. You can use these fabric flowers for hair clips, purses, and sort of decoration. They are easy to make but there are quiet a few steps which is why I will post the directions of these tomorrow. Or later this evening. In the meantime enjoy making your handbag.


Linda said...

Those are really cute, pretty bags and the flower you made is very nice. I always make stuff for other people too before myself...I set to work yesterday making me some book covers for my summer reads, have pic posted om my blog.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Fun blog! I will be back for more fun things to do!

Jennie Salinda/Copper Canine said...

Love the bags, just so cute...will have to make one when I get back from Florida! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!I am in you sewing group!

Greer-Z (boxers4gzell)