Saturday, 30 May 2009

Fabric Flowers

**Quick update. Here is a picture of a two fabric flower that I made. I then sewed it to an elastic hairband for my daughter. She has to wear a school uniform to school and so I made it in her uniform colors so that everything would match. Let me know what you think!***

The other day when I made my canvas bag I said that I would post how to make the Fabric Flowers. So here is a little tutorial. I love these flowers they can be put on anything. You will likely see them on a few things that I post over the next few weeks. If you like these please comment. They are so Simple to make!

Step 1: First choose your fabric. You can use one or two colors. On the one above I only used one color. But it looks very effective with two colors as well!

Step 2. Trace a circle on your fabric. I used the top of a candle on these ones. The more you do them the more you will realize that the bigger or smaller the circles the bigger or smaller the flower. 
You will need 8 circles in total. If you are using two colors colors then you will want 4 circles of each color. 

Step 3. Fold the circles in half and then cut them in half. I find it easier to get them right in the middle is you iron them in half first.
Step 4. Fold each half circle in half again wrong sides together. Then you will sew 1/4 " down the straight side of the flower.
Step 5. Cut the excess thread from each "petal" and turn them right side out. They will look a bit like a cone.
Step 6. To make the bottom layer of the flower Stitch a running thread through the bottom curve of each petal.  You can alternate colors or have the whole bottom layer of the flower one color and the top a different color. On mine I use 9 petals on the bottom. 
Step 7. Pull tightly on the thread to form the flower and secure it with back stitches. Leave approx 8 inches of thread on. TIP DONT CUT NEEDLE OFF!! YOU WILL NEED ANOTHER NEEDLE FOR THE NEXT BIT!

Step 8. Repeat the above steps for the top layer of the flower. I only use 6 petals in the top layer of my flower. REMEMBER TO NOT CUT THE THREAD ON THIS LAYER EITHER!! You will need it to sew the button on.

Step 9. Using the left over thread from the bottom layer hand stitch the top layer to the bottom layer. Secure it with a back stitch. Now you can cut this needle off. You are done with it. 

Step 10. Select the button you want to use and sew it on to the top layer of the flower using the excess thread from the top layer. You can use any kind of Buttons. Here is a picture of one of my flowers.

If you wanted a really cute elastic hairband when you go to sew the two layers together sew a ponytail into it as well. These look adorable in little girls hair!! Good Luck. If you have any questions please let me know!!


Linda said...

This is a great way to use up little pieces of scrap fabric that many of us have. The possibilities are endless..Was thinking these would look great sewn on a little girls dress, also on baby hats would look adorable. And instead of using ribbon or store bought bows on gifts, these would be perfect and can be re used instead of tossed out, like the store bought one's..Great post!

Launi said...

Holy cow! Those are adorable! You could use them for so many things. Wouldn't they be cute daisies or poinsettias? How clever you are.

holynickel said...

Those are great!!!

Ashley said...

I love these! I'm definitely going to have to figure out how to incorporate them into something for my daughter to wear ;)

ADDU said...

i was searching for them like anything.....
thanx a lott!!!!!!!!