Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Thanksgiving Table Cloth

Every year I ask my children on Thanksgiving day what they are most Thankful for. This is my daughters 4th Thanksgiving and do you think I can remember what she said last year or the year before? Nope. So this year I have decided to do something new. I bought a White Bed Sheet and have laid it across the dining room table. I have also put some fabric markers where my daughter can reach them. Now that she is writing words herself I have told her that every time she thinks of something she is thankful for I want her to write it on the "Tablecloth". I am them going to keep this Tablecloth as a momento for Thanksgiving in 2008. I am going to do this for now on with the hopes that as they get older I can look back on the things they were thankful for at each age. Plus I will have something with their drawings and writing on for that year as well. I hope that someone else finds this idea useful and fun. My little girl loves it and my son (18 months) loves to just doodle!


Tom and Sarah B. said...

Hi Alisha, can you add me as an author. email: Thanks!
Sarah (Skidmore) Baker

Tom and Sarah B. said...

PS - Love the blog!

The Arnells said...

awesome idea alisha. im going out to buy a white sheet tomorrow. i love the blog. thanks for doing it :)