Thursday, 13 November 2008

Frozen Cookie Dough

Recently my sister was telling me about how a number of her and her friends got together over the summer and made a bunch of meals to put in the Freezer. They did this over the summer which made it easier to spend time as a family during the day and not have to worry too much about what was for dinner. I thought it was a great idea. She said they also did cookie dough and froze chocolate chip cookie dough, oatmeal & sugar cookie dough. the problem is you have to defrost the whole bit of cookie dough in order to cook it. So I thought what if you put the cookie dough in ice cube trays and then frozen it. IT WORKS! I put cookie dough in ice cube trays frozen them and then once they were frozen solid I took them out of the ice cube trays and put them in a ziplock bag. then all you have to do is when you want a few cookies take a cube out (or as many cubes as you want) and bake them as you normally would from frozen. It is really great and makes freezing cookie dough so much easier. Hope someone finds this tip useful.


The Arnells said...

such a good idea. whenever im craving cookies i have to make a whole batch and i end up eating almost the whole thing myself. this is perfect when i just want one or two (or three or four). thanks

Tom and Sarah said...

What a fantastic tip - now I just need a good recipe!

Kristi Lou said...

When I make cookies I at least double the receipe & then only bake 1 dozen at that time. What I do with the rest of the dough is scoop it out just like I normally would but put them really close to each other on a cookie sheet & freeze the rest. When they are totally frozen I then baggie them up & bake up just like you mentioned.