Sunday, 16 November 2008

Save a Few Pennies... with coupons of course

So I know that in todays world everyone is trying to save  a little so I have found some coupon sites for people in the states and in the UK. There are coupons for everything try these websites. I am pretty sure you will find some coupons that you like. Plus the site for national coupons so no matter where you live in which ever country you will be able to use the coupons.

USA Sites:

UK Sites:

The UK doesnt have nearly as many. Plus they dont tend to use coupons for food which is a pity. Anyway I hope some of these sites help someone to save a little bit of money. 


Kory and Tiffini Howard Family said...

Thanks for the info! There is a awesome site here it provides links to tons of websites as well!!!

The Arnells said...

perfect. thank you. i will definately visit those sites.

john smith said...

perfect article i love to read this i have one other best site for uk store discount codes and voucher saving codes