Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Halloween Ghosts

It is time for the church Halloween Party again and this year Ive been asked to decorate a door for the children to trick or treat to. Im excited. I love Halloween. Ive also decided to go all out and make these little guys for the children.

Yep.... Lollipops made to look like ghosts. They are a favorite for friends this time of year so Ive made 50 extra to hand out to the children. Im going to attempt to go dressed as a hillbilly this year. My 6 year old will be a scary with, my 3 year old Mr tickle and my 10 week old..... a baby :) If you cant remember how to make these little ghosts I did a small tutorial here last year. More Halloween crafts to come before the end of the week I promise!

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