Monday, 18 October 2010

Family Home Evening Idea

This morning on the way to school my daughter asked if for Family Home Evening we can talk about prophets. So as I have contemplated all day what we can talk about that we havent already discussed, I started singing the song Follow The Prophet. It then hit me my kids LOVE this song but Im not to sure how much they know about all the prophets in the song. So tonight we are going to focus on two Prophets they have heard of know the stories but maybe we havent talk about them as much as the modern and Book of Mormon prophets. I hope this idea can work for you and your family too.

Opening song: Follow the Prophet
Opening Prayer:
Family Business: Daddy (We have a Young family so this doesnt take to long. But with me being on the RS presidency and my husband the EQ President we tend to discuss what we will be doing in the week. Even our 6 year old gets involved. For example tonight she will be sure to remind us of her school disco on Wednesday, School Field Trip on Thursday and Dance on Saturday.)

Lesson: Mommy

Show picture of Adam and Eve and ask children if they know who these people are? We will then discuss Adam as a prophet how he was the first prophet. I tend to wing it and answer and ask questions about the picture and about Adam and Eve.

Next I will show a picture of the city of Enoch. I will ask my husband to tell the story of what happen to the people of the city of Enoch. We will again just talk with the children about Enoch and the city and how righteous they were.

Activity: Memory game with prophet pictures. I made some of these a while ago and they have come in so handy. All I di was make this picture bigger and print it out twice. I them cute the pictures up and thats it, Prophets Memory / Matching Game.

Dessert tonight is homemade Oreo type cookies. Here is the recipe I use.


2 boxes Devils Food Cake Mix
4 eggs
1 1/2 cup shortening

Mix cake mixes, eggs, shortening. Roll in prune-size balls. Bake at 350 degrees on cookie sheet for 10 minutes. Let cool on cookie sheet.

Cream Frosting for middle:
8 oz cream cheese
3 cups Powder Sugar
1/4 cup butter

Mix filling - put between 2 cooled cookies. Enjoy!


Our Loved-up Family said...

Great post. I may even be tempted to attempt a proper FHE tonight!

The Arnells said...

great idea! i will try it for sure. thanks