Thursday, 20 October 2011

England through the eyes of an American - Chocolate

This evening we got a knock at the door. When we opened it there was a great big bag of Cadburys chocolate with a lovely little note from some secret friend. And as I was eating a little bar of heaven, I mean chocolate, I thought oh man I am so going to miss Cadbury's chocolate. I know what you are thinking they have Cadbury's in the USA. But Cadbury's in the USA is made by Hersheys and it is not nice. Seriously once you try real European Chocolate you will never go back. I'm so afraid of missing it that I actually have packed 13.22 pounds of chocolate. Also I have looked up where my local British store is so that as soon as I run out I don't have to start having withdraws.

Have any of you ever had British chocolate? If so what do you think? Can you tell a difference. What is your favorite Chocolate bar?

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Our Loved-up Family said...

Dairy Milk is great, I love Wispa's, Flakes (especially in a 99 ice cream!) Fry's minty one, Twirl, Turkish Delight, Mars bars - UK style, Ripples, Maltesers, really I could go on and on!