Tuesday, 18 October 2011

England through the eyes of an American -A Fork and a Knife

Back home in the USA they have so many finger foods. I'm sure you can imagine my surprise the first time I went to Pizza Hut and everyone was using a Fork and a Knife to cut and eat their pizza. I was even more surprised the first time I saw someone eat a hamburger with a fork and knife. This is very common here in England. You ALWAYS have a fork and a knife with your meals and everyone knows how to use both. Even the small children.

I now love it and cant imagine not using a fork and a knife for all my main meals (not cereal of course). It is very rare that we don't use both a fork and a knife to eat our food. And I now feel very improper if I am not using both.

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Shellbob said...

Hi Alisha
We met with friends whilst being on holiday in Florida a couple of years ago. The mum is English and is accustomed to a knife and fork. However her children have lived between Canada and the US all of their lives and found us highly entertaining on using a knife and fork at dinner.
Just one thought - The English are taught to say 'knife and fork' and not the other way around. It's not 'proper'!! haha