Sunday, 16 October 2011

England through the eyes of an American - Petrol & Deisel = Gas

Over the past few months so many of my American friends and Family have been complaining about the ever increasing fuel prices. To them I laugh. Here are our Fuel prices:

There are a few things to notice in the pictures. First we don't have unleaded or leaded gas we just have petrol, which is unleaded, and Diesel.

May I first point out to you that the prices are per litre. There are approximately 4 liters to a US gallon. Which means straight away I pay for my diesel car £5.43 per gallon. Next you have to convert this amount to Dollars £1 = $1.62 so that means for a single gallon of diesel I would way $8.80. Yep I think we win on paying the most. Over the summer when the exchange rate was higher it was even worse.

In the British defense I will say you can go a long way on a little fuel. Our car was 11 gallon take and it would last us a week or two easy. Happy Driving!!


Our Loved-up Family said...

Definitely way cheaper here (USA), but the mpg on cars is so much better in the UK. I could easily get 45 mpg there, the same car here is about 20-25mpg, I don't understand why they don't make the mpg better here (USA), at least England has great public transport, which Utah at least, does not.

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