Friday, 7 October 2011

England through the eyes of an American - Kissing

When I was growing up I remember being in High School and from time to time giving a friend, a good friend a hug. But it wasn't an every day thing and we certainly never kissed each other on the cheek. So I am sure you can imagine my surprise and embarrassment the first time someone here, whom I had only just met, kissed my cheek. I wasn't sure what to do really. But now 9 years on I am worried about when I go home and go to hug or kiss someone. It is second nature to me now.

In England kissing is normal. You see someone you know in the shops you kiss and hug them, you go to someones house, you kiss and hug them. Your friend gives your child a biscuit you tell them "That was so nice of Emma, give her a kiss and a cuddle." A kiss and a cuddle is everything. Men kiss and give cuddles to the women. Women kiss and cuddle other men and women. It is normal. Where in the states you might give a handshake here we kiss and cuddle (BTW Cuddle = Hug). You know what... I LOVE IT!! What on earth will I do in Texas when a kiss and a cuddle is not acceptable? Well at least not to people you only just meet.

How do you feel about the whole Kiss and Cuddle culture? Am I wrong about it not being this way in the states? Have things changed in the last 9 years which make it more acceptable?

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Our Loved-up Family said...

I don't remember all the kissing, I always thought that that was more French, but I'm definitely a hugger, I still do it as much here, don't know if people think I'm weird or not, they probably just think 'oh, she's English'! Keep it up I say:)