Friday, 10 December 2010

Very Merry Cookie Wreath

At one point early this morning whilst up with my sick 3 month old baby. I started thinking about how it is time to do our Christmas Caroling. See every year we make goodies for friends and go out Christmas Caroling. We always did this when I was growing up with my family. In fact we did it every year until I was married. So naturally I would want to carry this tradition on with my little family.

Well I got online to try and find something unique that we could hand out this year rather than the normal Handmade candies, Christmas Cookies, and Popcorn Balls. And I found this Very Merry Cookie Wreath on the Nestle website. Ding Dong we found a winner. So I am now going to make a trip to Costco this weekend to get frozen cookie dough and will be making these on Monday so that we can do some Carloing for FHE in the evening. Anyway here is the directions. If you make one I would love to know how yours turns out!

•1 package (16.5 oz.) NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Refrigerated Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Dough

•1 container (16 oz.) prepared vanilla frosting

•Green food coloring

•14- x 17-inch piece of cardboard for base, covered in foil or parchment paper or large flat platter

•NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Morsels (such as Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Premier White)

•Assorted NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Holiday Candies (WONKA® Gobstoppers Snowballs, NERDS® OR SPREE®)

•Decorator sprinkles, candies and sugars

•20-inch strip of strawberry fruit-flavored snack in 3-foot rolls

PREPARE cookies following package directions. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes. Remove to wire rack to cool completely.

COMBINE frosting and food coloring in small bowl to shade of green desired.

SPREAD heaping teaspoons of frosting on flat sides of cookies.

ARRANGE 15 cookies on the base or platter in a 12-inch circle to form outer ring of wreath.

ARRANGE 12 cookies inside the outer ring of cookies, forming inside ring of wreath. Adhered cookies can be moved to create more space.

ARRANGE remaining 13 cookies on base ring for a second layer.

DECORATE with remaining frosting, morsels, candies, sprinkles and sugars as desired. Attach bow to top of wreath.

CUT four 5-inch strips from fruit snack roll. Peel off paper baking. Cut a small “V” on end of two strips. Form loops with remaining two strips; pinch ends together. Place loops on top of strips. Pinch all together to make bow!

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