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Family Home Evening - Jesus Christ is the Greatest Gift

Opening Song: Picture Christmas

Opening Prayer:

Lesson: Mommy

Before FHE wrap the following Picture up in a small box. Write John 3:16 on a gift tag and attach it to the top of the present.

Tell them there is something inside the package that represents a wonderful gift from someone who loves us very much. Pass the present around and let each child hold the gift and try to guess what is inside.

Tell the children that the tag is a clue and have a family member read the scripture aloud. Ask the children if they know what the gift is and who it is from?

Let one of them unwrap the present and hold up the picture so everyone can see it.

What is the gift?

Who is the gift from?

Why is the birth of Jesus Christ such a wonderful gift?

Explain in your own words that one reason the birth of Christ is such a great gift is that Jesus Christ came to teach us the right way to live. He taught us that loving and helping others will make us happy. By sending Jesus to earth, Heavenly Father gave us a gift that will help us find happiness not just at Christmastime but always.

Show a picture of the wise men.

Ask if anyone knows the story of the wise men. Maybe you can assign daddy to tell the story of the wise men.

Read Mathew 2:11

What gifts did the Wise Men bring to Jesus?

Explain that frankincense and myrrh were sweet-smelling perfumes used in religious ceremonies. All three gifts were valuable and difficult to get. The Wise Men wanted to bring Jesus the nicest gifts they could find. UAdd a Note

Why did the Wise Men bring these gifts to Jesus? (To show they loved and honored him.)

Why did the Wise Men bow down and worship Jesus when they saw him? (They knew he was the Savior, the Son of Heavenly Father.)

Explain that just as the Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus to show their love for him, we can give gifts to others to show our love for them.

Tell the following story about a young boy named S. Dilworth Young, who later became a General Authority:

The Christmas that S. Dilworth Young was five years old, he saw a jigsaw puzzle displayed in the window of a store. The puzzle had a picture of an old horse-drawn fire truck on it. Dilworth wanted that puzzle for Christmas more than he wanted anything else.

Elder Young later explained what happened with the puzzle on Christmas Day:

“When Christmas morning finally came, I found hung on my chair a stocking full of good things. But right off I spotted my puzzle. It was wrapped in bright paper, but I could tell by the shape what it was. I quickly opened the box and was soon lost in the pleasure of putting the puzzle together.

“Before long my father came into the room and explained to my younger brother, older sister, and me that the Jensen family down the street had recently come from Denmark. He said the father had no job and no money, and then he suggested that we take our Christmas dinner to them. He also asked each of us to select our most loved toy and give it to a child in the Jensen family. …

“Before we left for the Jensen’s, I spent three happy hours playing with and enjoying my puzzle. I thought about giving something else, but I knew deep down that there was only one gift to give.

“At eleven forty-five we all started out. Father carried the turkey on a platter. Mother and my sister Emily followed with potatoes, gravy, dressing, cranberries, and dessert. And under my arm, carefully rewrapped, was my fire engine puzzle.

“When we entered the Jensen home, Father placed the turkey on the small bare table in the corner, and the others followed.

“Each one of us in turn then gave his present. Emily gave her beautiful doll to the girl. I stepped forward and looked at the boy about my age. ‘Here,’ I said as I pushed the puzzle at him. He took it from me and smiled. Next my brother gave his offering to the smallest child. And then we returned home.

“It was strange, but somehow as I walked the block between our house and the Jensen’s, it seemed as if my feet didn’t touch the ground. I felt as though I were floating on clouds of good feeling, for I knew I had made someone else happy.

“Even our Christmas dinner of canned beans, bread, butter, and bottled fruit had a special and unforgettable meaning on that special Christmas Day!”

What did Dilworth do that made him happy?

Why was he happy after giving away his favorite toy?

Have you ever given something to someone else that made him or her happy?

Let the children talk about times when they have made others happy by giving them gifts

Explain that when we give gifts to others, we show that we love them. While it can make us happy to receive a gift, it can also make us happy to give gifts.

Bear your testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Tell the children how you feel when you think about how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each of us. Also tell the children how you feel when you give gifts to others

ACTIVITY: Give each child a piece of paper have them make a card for a family member on the inside have them write a service to one other family member. Help them write
I will at the top of the card and for you at the bottom of the card. If they cant write they can draw a picture of what they want to do for someone else in the family.

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