Monday, 24 December 2012

PJ the Elf

Seeing as there are so many of you new since I last posted our PJ the Elf tradition, I thought I would post about him again.

Our family has always received PJs for Christmas. Since I was a little girl. But I had never heard of PJ the Elf until my sisters introduced me to the idea when my children were little.

Now I go all out for Christmas Eve and PJ the Elf. He has special wrapping paper. A special knock and even his own special poem. I thought I would share the poem with you just in case you need one to attach to your PJs. This was written by my sisters a few years back:

You have been good so Santa has said,
Now put on your pj's and go straight to bed.
Your jammies will keep you so nice and cozy,
from the tip of your toes to your cute little nosey.
So hop into bed, dream of reindeer in flight
For Jolly ole' Santa is coming tonight!

Nothing gets a child to bed quicker than the thought that Santa is on his way.

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