Monday, 3 December 2012

Armoire make over

Most of you will remember that we moved to the USA from England only a year ago. And how when we came we only brought 3 suitcases for my husband, myself and our three children. Which meant we had a whole bunch of stuff to buy. We bought the essentials when we got here but have, over the passed year, been still collecting more items. I've recently been working on our bedroom. I've recovered lamp shades, a dressing table seat and an ottoman all for our bedroom. Well this weekend my husband and I refinished an armoire. Our bedroom is black and blue in color. I didn't want it to be to feminine but still wanted to pretty. Anyhow.....

About 2 months ago I bought this old armoire. I actually went to pick up a sander I bought from someone. She asked why I wanted it and I expressed my interest in refashioning furniture. Then she proceeded to tell me about an old armoire she needed to sell. It was given to her mother in law years earlier but was now just taking up space. So I looked at it but was certain she wanted far to much for it! When she told me I could have it for $50 I jumped right in it. It was just stained wood with gold handles. Nothing special. The drawers were broken and had to be fixed but over all the structure was fine.

Well here is the finished project. It went really quick because I pulled my husband out to help me. Lucky, I know.

What do you think?

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