Friday, 5 October 2012

He said WHAT!?!?!

The other morning I came downstairs after a long sleepless night with the baby. My hubby had gotten up with Miss K and Mr S to help them get ready for school and I took just an extra 15 minutes to "wake up". When I got down stairs Mr S was no where to be found, which is unsual for our 5 year old. I asked the huby where he was and he explained that he was probably hiding because he was embrassed. Embrassed? What? Mr S never gets embrassed. I asked what he did that was so embrassing and my hubby explained that he dropped the F BOMB.... Eeeekkkk What? My sweet innocent 5 year old said what? As far as I had known he has never even heard that word before. But then wait he just started Kindergarten this year. My once sweet and innocent little boy was being exposed to the world for the first time. And I quickly learned that not all 5 year old boys are as sweet and innocent as Mr S.

I wanted to do something and quick so after a little discussion about what words are right and what words are wrong we sent him off to conquer the world one bad word at a time. It must has worked because last night we watched Jumanji as a family and someone said OMG and he asked why if we cant say those words would we watch movies with those words. Nothing like a 5 year old to put you in your place :)

Anyway I was flipping through this months friend and found this totally awesome story and Pledge. The "Help Stamp Out Bad Language" Pledge. Needless to say we will be doing this for our FHE lesson on Monday evening. If anyone else is interested and doesnt have the Friend, here is a link to the website and page. Maybe we can all help to "Stamp Out Bad Language" In our own little parts of the world.

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