Monday, 4 April 2011

Family Home Evening - How Well Did You Listen

We decided to have a fun and informative Family Home Evening Tonight. We will be coming up with questions from the General Conference Sessions over the past few days and Play Snakes and Ladder with them. If the kids answer the question right then they get to roll the dice and move forward. If they dont get the question right then they dont get to roll the dice. We will also be throwing in simple gospel questions. Here is a Snakes and Ladders board you can print out and some sample General Gospel Questions you could use. Enjoy!

General Knowledge Questions:

How old are you when you get baptised?
Who is the prophet of the church?
How many articles of Faith are there?
Finish this title _____ Book of _______
Who is the Bishop of our ward?
What is the name of our ward?
What gift are you give from Heavenly Father when you are baptised?
Who was the first prophet of the church?
After Jesus died he lay in a tomb and after 3 days he came back to life. What is this called?
How many books of Scriptures are there?
Who was the first prophet to write in the Book of Mormon?
What does the first Article of Faith say?

1 comment:

Valerie said...

Love this idea! I'd love to do all General Conference questions, but my 8-year old wouldn't get many of those if they were specific to a talk, only general ones. She kept asking why we had to watch every session when we already heard the last ones and it was enough. You'd think since we always watch all sessions (all her life) that she'd be in the habit of it. It was very heard for her this year even though she had activities to do while listening.