Monday, 6 July 2009

Clothes Pin Bag

Here in England when the sun is shinning you will find clothes lines in nearly every back yard filled with clothes hanging out to dry. I never used to do it when I lived in the states. When I was talking to my sister the other day she said to me "why would you hang your clothes outside on a clothes line?" The answer is the fact that my dryer holds two towels at a time and no more. if I try to shove more in it then they NEVER dry. It is a nightmare! So I take full advantage of the sunshine. Plus I love the smell of the clothes when I bring them in from the clothes line and it helps to save our plant as well. Why not hang your laundry out? I do admit that it is annoying though having to go back and forth to get a clothes pin each time I need one. So the other day I decided to make a bag that I can tie around my waste to carry my clothes pins in. It definitely makes things loads easier. Here is a little tutorial on how I did it! Enjoy!

What you will need is a pair of toddler jeans or pants. Ribbon for the tie and I used some scrap material to decorate it a little.

First I cut the legs off the pants. And cut out the crotch.

Next to add a little bit of girlie ness to my little boys pants I cute two hearts out and then sewed some material on the inside behind the hearts kind of a reverse applique.

I also took the same material that I used for the hearts and did a hand stitch to gather it in. This I then used as a sort of frill for the bottom of my bag.

Next I cut along the seem in the waist at the sides this is where I put my ribbon, or the tie for around my waist.

I then pinned it all together and sewed a straight stitch along the bottom and a quick stitch on the sides where the ribbon is for the handles. And that was it. Trust me when I say that now hanging my laundry outside on the line just became LOADS easier. No running back and forth to get the clothes pins!


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That is cute! I love the jeans into bag idea!!!