Thursday, 20 October 2016

Potion Book

Recently a friend of mine and I decided to do a craft night. She is super crafty, like I mean SUPER crafty!! Not only that but she is like SUPER kind, SUPER awesome and like SUPER everything. Lucky huh!! I mean who doesn't want a friend like this in your life.

So back to the Potion Book.... Tiffany told me about a potion book that she had made with some friends previously and I knew I needed one. I mean I LOVE Halloween. I am not sure why. Maybe because it is the start to the holiday season, but regardless of the reason I always go way over board for Halloween. I love it so much. Anyway. Tiffany has created these very cool pages that you can print so you can make your own Potion Book. Here is what we did!

To start you will need an old book, like a dictionary. I found mine at a thrift store for 25 cents, bargain!! The pages that you will print are 8.5 x 11 so you will need you book to be about that size.

I wanted my book to look aged so I took a water bottle and sprayed and crumpled random pages. I did this to a lot of the pages to be honest. I also burned some of the edges of my book. I then took a brown ink pad and rubbed that over the edges of the pages so that it looked dirty and very used.

To attache the pages I used modge podge. I opened the book to the middle or somewhere near the middle and put mode modge podge on each page. I did crumple the pages just a little before I put them in to make them look aged and used too.

Here are what the pages look like. Aren't they so awesome!!

Lastly we glued a thick black ribbon to the inside of the book with hot glue. I glues it behind the binding of the book so it looked like it was made that way.

This book sits on an end table in my formal living room. I keep it open to the potion pages all October so there is no need to worry about what the cover of the book looks like. No one sees it :)

Here is a link to my friend Tiffany's blog and the pages that you will need to make your own book. I would love to see what you create if you make one yourself. Enjoy!

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