Tuesday, 13 August 2013

More Princess Party

So, did I mention my three year old's favorite princess is Cinderella? Well it is and since the one year old cant talk we are having everything Cinderella. I'm sorry if you were looking for all the princesses but this stuff was super easy to create in GIMP. Tonight I created a Sign for the gate, our party is going to be in the garden, I know we are crazy considering we live in Dallas but on the plus side its supposed to cool off to a cool 88F tomorrow only creeping back up to a cool 91F by Saturday! I also created water bottle labels and candy bar labels, here is hoping the chocolate doesn't melt in the 91F :)

Blogger wont allow me to upload the XCF files so you get to see them here but not edit. If anyone wants the XCF files so you can change the names or dates email me alisha@homemakinghoneys.com

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt paper pompoms, I know you've all seen and love them from Pintrest, and flags to go across my back fence. YAY I get to sew. Ive not done that in a while. Better dust off the ol' machine. 

Until tomorrow!

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