Friday, 28 January 2011

Valentines Topiary Tree

Here is another Valentines Day craft and tutorial I have been working on recently.

Valentines Day Topiary

What you need:

Small Styrofoam Ball
Medium or Large Styrofoam Ball
Wood Dowel
Ribbon about 2 - 3 yards about 1 inch wide
Sequin Pins
small metal pail

Cut the ribbon into 2 inch strips. Pin one strip on the very top of the Large Styrofoam Ball.

Fold the sides of a piece of ribbob down so that it makes a triangle and pin this to the styrofoam ball. Starting at the top. Continue this step all the way around the styrofoam ball one row at a time. When you pin each row you will be covering the pins which are showing from the previous row.

The ribbon folded into a triangle on the top

A side view of how I was pinning the ribbon to the styrofoam ball
A top view

Another Top View

At the bottom of the styrofoam ball you will pin a ribbon like you did at the top cut a slit in the ribbon before you pin it down. This is where the wooden dowel will go.

Next, I cut the wooden dowel the length I wanted it and painted it. I choose to paint it black. I then set it aside to dry.

I then took the little red pail and put some Hugs and Kisses on it (X's and O's)

Next I hot glued a small styrofoam ball inside the pail.

I then stuck the wooden dowel into the large styrofoam ball through the slit which I had cut previously.

I then stuck the other end of the dowel into the styrofoam ball which was glued into the small pail. I then put the moss on top of the small styrofoam ball.

Lastly I tied a bow around the dowel. And there you have it. Just like magic I was able to transform a styrofoam ball into something beautiful for my mantle over Valentines.


Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

That is really gorgeous!I love the sating ribbon and how you folded it. Makes it look like a giant rose bud blooming! Sooooo pretty! :)
Agape Love Designs

Patty Ann said...

I love it!! It is a wonderful idea and a nice way to freshen up some space.

Our Loved-up Family said...

Wow, that is very cute!

Our Loved-up Family said...

Wow, that is very cute!

Jen said...

This is adorable! I featured you over at my blog today. Thanks for the tutorial!

Valerie said...

So pretty and (maybe) something even I could do.

Anonymous said...

This is so it!

Your newest follower, Jessica @

WobiSobi said...

Love this.. Really cute.. I might have to make one of these.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Oh wow! So glamorous looking! Great job!

Megan said...

wow! that has such a cool effect! i love it!

Tanyia said...


I am stopping by from TGC Would love to have you take a look at my project, too : )