Saturday, 22 January 2011

Valentine Candles

Here is a very simple craft that anyone can do! Plus it only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish!!

Here is what you need:

One Candle
Tissue Paper
Oh and a Hair Dryer

The first thing I did was print what I wanted
to say on Tissue Paper from the Computer.
As you can see I did it a few times until it was good enough!

Next I cut out a bunch of hearts from the Tissue Paper
of all different sizes

Then I measured a piece of ribbon to tie along the top of the candle

Next is the fun / important step. Place the saying you want against
your candle. Turn your hair drier on a high heat low blow and blow it towards the candle
where the saying is. This will slightly melt the candle and the wet wax
will then make the Tissue Paper stick to the candle. I did this samw step with
all the hearts and the ribbon. You dont have to do it to the ribbon but
it keeps it in place.

And VOILA...... A candle with whatever saying you want on it.

Here is the back with all the hearts

You could do this with any candle and any saying not just Valentines Day. So go ahead... Find your favorite quote and get making that special candle.


Em said...

Thank you for your ideas! I am going to tell my mom about this for a YW's activity! So simply but way cute!!

Valerie said...

So easy!