Monday, 24 January 2011

Family Home Evening - I can be a missionary now

Opening Song: Called to Serve
Opeing Prayer:

Lesson: Mommy

Who are these Men?

What are these Men doing?

Explain that some missionaries wear Sunday clothes and name tags every day. They work full-time finding and teaching others the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But there are other kinds of Missionaries too? Can anyone think of any other kinds of Missionaries?

President David O McKay said "every member a missionary. What do you think that means?

Say the word to I want to be a missionary now:

I can be a missionary now.
I don’t have to wait until I’m grown.
I’ll live each day the best that I know how,
And they’ll see I have a testimony of my own,
A testimony of my very own

What are some ways we can be a missionary now?

Reading Scriptures
Talking to our friends about the church
Setting a good example for others around us.

Tell the following story in your own words:

Sandy was a Primary child who showed that she could be a missionary too. When she was five years old, she invited her best friend, Craig, to go to church with her on Sunday. Craig wanted to go with Sandy and was excited to ask his mother. But Craig’s mother had other plans, and she said no. When Craig asked his mother the next week if he could go to church, she said no again. Because Sandy was a good missionary, she asked Craig a third time to go to church with her family. Craig got up early on Sunday morning and put on his best clothes. Then he woke up his mother and asked if he could go to church with Sandy. When she said no for the third time, Craig started to cry. Craig’s mother decided that if he wanted to go so badly, maybe she should go too. Craig and his mother went to church that day with Sandy and her family. That evening they began learning about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from the full-time missionaries, and soon they were baptized.

More than 20 years later, when Craig tells this story, he likes to count all the people who are members of the Church because of five-year-old Sandy, who invited a friend to church. He can count more than 100 people. Craig says, “I don’t know how many others Sandy invited to church. … I do know that I owe her more than I can say”

Bear your testimony of being a good Member Missionary. And the things you do to be a better member missionary.


Cut out the home and the five windows. Glue each window in the window outlines on the gospel-sharing home. With your family, talk about the ideas on the home. Decide together what you can do to be missionaries now. Place the gospel-sharing home where your family can see it.

Here is the house!

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