Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thanksgiving Wreath

So I have been looking for cute Thanksgiving Decorations to make for the house. Living in the UK you cant find anything so everything that I have has to be made. I thought this was adorable and so simple to make. This craft is so easy to make that a child could make it and it looks really cute too.

All you need is:
  • Wooden Craft Ring

  • Pumpkin and Leaf Foam cut outs. You can either do them yourself or a lot of craft stores will sell them already cut out.

  • Glue Gun and Glue sticks

The instructions couldnt be more simple:
Glue the leaves and pumpkins to the Wooden Craft ring in any desired fashion. Thats it... Finished! So simple! This could easily be made in time to hang on the door for Thanksgiving

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