Sunday, 13 September 2009

Purse party favor candy bar holder!

This is the cutest simplest party favor, and cheap too!!!!
Supplies you need are Glue ( white, hot glue, ect), card stock one color or pattern unless you don't use ribbon as the strip then you would want a contrasting color, brads, ribbon for handle, nugget candy bar, and anything else you want to use to spruce it up, ie stamps ink, flowers,
First thing first one 12X12 paper will make about 12-15 depending on how accurate you cute the strips, you want them to be 5 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide, you will fold it at 1 1/2 inches down from top 2 1/2 inches from top , and 4 inches from top ,( if you use paper for the strip in the middle it will be 5 1/2 long by 1/4 inch wide) like this:
next you take your purse and round the edges you can use a pair of scissors, or a scrap book cutter, this is done at the end that is the shortest with the fold,
Now you have this:
Then you take your ribbon or paper strip and glue it in place, folding on the folds as you work

Now you have this:
This is the side view when you fold it,

Now you want to take a pin or poker, seam ripper works great, to poke a hole through all the layers, this is the front of the purse, the ribbon or paper and the middle, this is for the brad, if you are using paper you can easily push the brad through without making a pre made hole , but i like the ribbon variety

Then you add the brad, this is when you would add a flower petal , or heart ect you have cut out or from scrap booking section at craft stores, the flowers already have holes in them

Now you want to either poke the seam ripper in for the 2 holes for the ribbon straps or use a SMALL hole punch, I used a reg one so you could see where about to place the hole. These do not need to be to big just big enough to place your ribbon through, ( curly ribbon is cheap most of us have it and it works great )

this is what i did for the handles a piece of ribbon about 5 inches long this is real hard to tie, so you may want yours longer, I honestly just eye ball it , and like them to vary a little,
then you put the ribbon through one hole tie it, then the other, easy easy cut off the extra and you are done!!!!!!

This way may be easier for us with bigger hands:) tie the handles then fold them insert brad and you will be done, wanted you to see both ways,

Finished project, now if you are gifting these at bridal shower, baby showers, wedding, or birthdays ect you may want to place a little piece of double sided tape to the candy bar to keep it in place, this is a perfect activity as well on those rainy days:) if you have questions just ask hope this is clear enough for everyone


Momza said...

I love crafty ideas like this...but I can't see myself making these little bitesize purses. The time-consumption wouldn't seem worth it, really. The receiver would ohh and ahh for 2 seconds, pop the candy in their mouth and toss out my 10 minutes of work.
Sorry to be negative, but my time is more valuable than that...but it is way cute.

Alisha Whitfield said...

I think this is just so adorable! Very cute! We are doing a halloween party in a few weeks and these would make the cutest party favors!! Thanks for sharing!