Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Halloween Wreath

I have been trying to get a few Halloween Crafts sorted out in time for the 1st of October. Yesterday I made this Halloween Wreath out of some spare material I had and a wire coat hanger. What do you think? I was so simple and so much fun! I just cut the material into strips and tied them onto the hanger. Thats it! So Fun and SO SIMPLE!


kawaii crafter said...

I clicked on the image to get a better look and I think the wreath looks great. I always enjoy projects that are simple and don't cost much. Good idea.

community helpers said...

you know what would make it really stand out as a Halloween wreath? get some of those hand bones or feet from the dollar store they are a garland, and wrap it around or hang from them:) spook it up some. It looks great , as it is but this way you can use it as a fall one and then a halloween one:) thanks for the idea.

Michelle said...

Great job...looks really nice!

Happy Thursday!
~Michelle :)
(Treasure the Moment)

Laurie said...

I love this idea!

Can you tell me if it was hard to bend the hanger to a circle?

Also, what length were your strips of fabric?