Friday, 30 January 2009

Valentine Bottle

Here is something that came from a woman who views our site. I thought it was so cute and she says it can be mailed for the cost of only 2 stamps! She gives this to her girls every Valentines Day from the "Love Bug" what a cute idea!


  • Clean out a plastic bottle (soda pop, water bottle)
  • Cut a 1x4 inch slot in the back of the bottle so you can stuff items inside the bottle.
  • Gather items for a theme (ie Valentines Day: Suckers, candy, colored grass, trinkets)
  • Make of purchase a small card to attach to the front of the bottle as a label.
  • Decorate the outside up with stickers and Ribbon. I think I might have painted the bottom of the outside of the bottle red with black dots like a lady bug. You can decorate it however you want. What a way cute idea for a gift.

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