Monday, 27 June 2011

Family Home Evening - Preparing for Baptism

In the next few months my daughter is going to be baptised. So each month I am trying to do a Family Home Evening on preparing her for baptism. Tonight I have decided to talk about what we need to continue to do after baptism to be good members of the church and to help us to gain eternal life.

Im going to start with an empty glass bowl. I am going to explain how is is like us when we are baptised clean and pure. Good member of the church. I am going to ask her what kinds of things she thinks we need to continue to be like this.

Im also going to have ingredients to make cupcakes (Im using the Vanilla Cupcake Recipe found here.) each ingredient will have another principal of the gospel we need to follow in order to make it back to our Father in Heaven.

for Example :

Eggs will have a lable read scriptures
Flour - Go to Church on Sunday
Sugar - Pay full tithe
Vanilla - Pray Always
Milk - Keep Commandments
Butter - Keep Baptism covenants

As we place each ingredient in the bowl we will talk about them and read scriptures about them.

I will explain that if we do all these things then just like at the end of making a delicious recipe we will have something which is sweeter and more desireable than anything we could possibly want. That being eternal life.

Here are the scriptures or stories I will tell for each of the principals:

Attending Sunday Meetings - Im going to ask the children why this is important. Ask if they know what the most important meeting on a Sunday is. Explain why we take the sacrament and the importance of it.

- Tithing Shoes - Friend Nov. 2007


Keep The Commandments - I thought we would sing the song and talk about the words

Im going to tie in Keeping the commandments with Keeping Baptism covenants.

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