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Family Home Evening - Thanking Others

I know another Thankful FHE. This week being Thanksgiving in the states I just wanted to do one last Thankful one on a topic we hadnt really talked about yet. Which is Thanking others. I would never want anyone to think my children were ungrateful for a kindness or service which was provided. I think that thanking others is so important which is the reason for this lesson. I hope it works well for you too!

Opening Song: Children all Over the World (pg 16 Childrens Song book)

Opening Prayer:

Lesson: Mommy (Or whom ever else is reading this :) )

Start by reading the story of the ten leppers Luke 17:12-19 or you can just paraphrase I like to have the kids read from the scriptures and then paraphrase so they understand better:

One day as Jesus was going to Jerusalem, He saw ten men standing outside a village. They could not go into the village because they were lepers. Leprosy is a disease that causes large sores on the body that spread and hurt. When the ten lepers saw the Savior, they asked Him to heal them of this terrible disease. Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priests. When they did as the Savior told them, they were found to be healed.

When one of the men discovered that he was cured, he went back to the Savior, fell down at his feet, and thanked Him. Ten men had been healed, but only one went back to thank the Savior.

How do you think it made Jesus feel when the one lepper went back to him and said Thank you?

How do you feel when you do something nice for someone else and they say Thank you to you?

Does it make your heart happy to say Thank You to others or when others say Thank You to you?

Draw a Big Heart, Im going to tape together 4 pieces of paper and draw the heart on that so it is a BIG heart. Then tape this to a wall or somewhere the children can see it.

Ask the children to draw inside the heart kind things other have done for them which they would want to say thank you for. If they are a bit older and can spell or need practise with writing maybe have them draw and then write the words.

Read My Thank You Song (1986 November Friend):

I’m learning to say “thank you”
For so many, many things.
I tell my sister “thank you”
When she helps me on the swings.

And I say, “Thank you, Mother,”
When she helps me brush my hair
And “thank you” to my daddy
When he takes me to the fair.

I have a big, tall brother
Who can reach high on the shelf
To get my books and toys
That I cannot reach myself.

So when my brother helps me,
I say “thank you” right away,
Then take the books and toys he got
And run outside to play.

Soon I’ll be seeing Grandma,
And I’ll know just what to do.
She’ll say, “My, you’re looking pretty!”
And I’ll laugh and say, “Thank you.”

When she gets down her cookie jar,
Filled with goodies just for me,
I know that I’ll remember
To say “thank you” cheerfully.

I’ll practice saying “thank you”
Every time I think I should.
It makes me very happy
To be showing gratitude.

And when the day is over
And I kneel to say my prayer,
I’ll say, “Thank you, Heavenly Father,
For my family’s love and care.”

THANK YOU is sometimes called a "magic word". That's because it makes people feel good. When we say thank you to others we are acting like the Savior taught us. We make others want to continue to do good and our hearts become more thankful.

Bear your testimony about how good you feel when you are thanked for your efforts. Share how an attitudee of gratitude brings you closer to Heavenly Father.


(1) Make Thank You Cards for someone who has done something nice, A Friend, A Teacher, A sibling, Grandparents and tell them how much you appreciated the kind thing they did.

(2)Leper Cross Word:

Closing Song: A Song of Thanks (Childrens Song Book Pg 20)

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