Monday, 15 June 2009

Look what I made

Any ideas what you can make from this?:

I made a rag quilt handbag. Ahhhh purty!!

I am sorry that I am not doing a Tutorial on this bag but honestly there were so many steps and it took so long for me to do (Mostly because of having to frey all the edges) that I decided I would not do a Tutorial even though I started taking pictures all the way through. But I did want to share the idea with anyone who wants to have a go at making it themselves. Here is the picture:

See a dear friend of mine (Hello JO!!) Has been telling me about a Charity Craft store. So on Friday we finally went. I bought a bunch of stuff for SO CHEAP!! So then I had loads of scrap bits and wanted to do something with them. So At first I thought I would make a patchwork bag... But then I thought oh how cute would it be if it was not only a patchwork bag but if I used the technique of the Rag blankets and did a rag purse. So this is obviously my first attempt but I thought it turned out really cute. It is of course so much cuter in person.

Want to know what my projects are for this week???? I have 3 on the go! check back in the next few days to see whaat they are. Plus I am on the brink of another giveaway which I think I will start near to the weekend! Check back soon!!


michellejohnnie said...

really cute! I like the idea of a rag (quilt) bag!!!

Staci said...

Very cute! I love the colors you used!