Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Secret Santa!

We do Secret Santa every year with friends and every year I am trying to think of things we can do that aren't all food. It is so hard. Each year we get so many treats, don't get me wrong treats are AWESOME, but it is nice to also have some things that don't give the kids a sugar high at 7:30 at night :)

I thought I would share some of the things which we did this year for the family we are Secret Santa for. Heaven knows we can all use ideas. :)

Night One: It is Family night in out home. This year for night one I bought Candyland for $4.97 and we gifted this. It provides hours of family fun. I think any kind of game is a fun option. It bring the family closer and can be so much fun.

Night Two: We choose to not do the night for this one. Early on Tuesday morning we delivered home made cinnamon rolls for breakfast to our Secret Santa Family. Something to warm their hearts and tummy's before school.

Night Three: We delivered the book, The Legend of the Candy Cane along with a candy cane for each person. We love this story. Not only is it a fun book about a candy store but it also talks about the true meaning of Christmas. Its such a great family tradition.

Night Four: I made personalized hot chocolate mugs for each family member and put a swiss miss packet and marshmallows in each cup. Hot chocolate at bed time helps my children to sleep better oddly enough.

Night Five: Foam ginger bread houses. I buy these at Michaels and they are so fun. The best part if that you can keep it for the whole Christmas season.

Night Six: Redbox gift card. Family movie nights are the best. You can buy a redox gift for $1.50 and that gives your Secret Santa family an entire evening of fun together.

I hope that your Secret Santa fun is as enjoyable as ours. Next week I will share my awesome cinnamon roll recipe.... Mmmmmmm!!

Lots of Love and Merry Christmas!!



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