Saturday, 7 March 2009

Easy Wreath

I found this on this blog and it is now my weekend project. I cant wait It looks so simple!! All I am going to do it buy a twig wreath. You can buy them ready made at pretty much any craft store. I have also bought a whole bunch of pine cones, living in England I dont see them laying on the ground very often. The only other thing Im going to be using a a hot glue gun and a big ribbon. All you need to do is glue the pine cones on the wreath and glue a bow at the top Vwalah! You then have a lovely all season wreath for your front door. If you wanted to make it more seasonal you could glue anything around it. Why not make up a bunch of Salt Dough Shapes maybe hearts for valentines day, clovers for St Patricks Day, You can get some spring flowers (maybe another Lei like I used for the other wreath) for Easter.hYou get the idea. The good thing about using hot glue is you can easily pull the items off and glue something else on. Alternatively these wreaths are not that expensive. You could just make one for each season.

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* T * S * B * said...

what a pretty wreath, you'll have to post a picture of yours when it's done!